Thursday, September 1, 2016

dream series, raman/a, teacher dying right before our eyes

it's strange having a new kind of dream. witness, we see, the old man stands at a distance before us, facing us, and [decides to die ]

his body fades, greys, almost as if burning, darkening, a strange special effect.

later i'm reminded of a friend i've lost touch with, named after a teacher.

so, then banks. contrast, and mood. hormones and spider stories, and a spaciousness, effortless, still sad, still beautiful.

everything is still beautiful.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

microdosing, my love is peace

my love is peace.
my love is peace.
my love is peace.

an exercise in imagination.

as if...

and then what happened?

the empty box.

pee wee hermaneutics. - montouri, 2015

Monday, August 8, 2016

guys, guys

bow to this life


life comes through you. let it. let it go. you are love. all is healed

Sunday, August 7, 2016

who am i

i am sensory awareness

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

love does

this thing about expanding itself

at first i thought perhaps i had to change or control or hide or constrain my care for people 
to make room for the one who holds my heart
but, going instinctually i find that the more i love and cherish my people, the more my heart grows

and the more i love and cherish my people, the more they love and cherish me back

so that's pretty wow


also, furthermore, in consequence... dot dot dot colon i dont know if splaining the consequence is necessary here. i just like words that indicate there is something more

Saturday, July 30, 2016

in other words

from the love

i feel like i inhabit you
when i find you in the bed in the morning
i feel your heart beating
the curl of your lip
how it contains galaxies 
and wonder
this sweetness
that infuses everything
like a drop of omnipotent wine spilled in an ocean

Sunday, July 24, 2016

love is

love is the way your body feels
when you imagine touch
when you hold your energy in your first chakra
when your lungs expand and fill with breath

love is the way a smile hits your mouth 
and your eyes 
when you remember what
love feels like

the soft rhythm of soul
a beat
listen to my heartbeat*

love is even in the footstep of an angry lover
and the slamming of a door

when colored light fills the sky 
or hits a surface just so
in the brilliance of shell, of wings

love is the heart, tickle 
when the object of love is present, 
a glance, and the muscle

the way a tear drop warms your cheek

it's the wind
leaves rustling
water flowing
the scent of an ocean, rock

in a cocktail decorated with nasturtium
twist ties
glitter, metal, smiley face, laughter, lint, broken glass

the stranger who elicits what you've lost and what you long for

it's the shape of a word, the stroke of a brush on paper, a note held by horn, brass bowl, keyboard, voice

it's birth, acceptance, holding the hand of the dying, forgiveness and allowing what is

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we are creatures of air, our roots in dreams and clouds, reborn in flight.